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Windows 10 Manager is a useful tool for optimizing, cleaning, and repairing Windows 10. This app speeds up your system. Fixes the errors that Windows may face. Troubleshoot Windows 10 security issues and fix them. This tool is actually a collection of 30 different tools that will allow all users from beginners to professional people to be able to reach the desired goal by selecting multiple options.

It’s true that all of these settings can be implemented through Windows itself, but sometimes for some reason, we may forget about some kind of setting in the registry or other areas or there is not enough time to engage with different parts of Windows. Aside from this manual setting, the values ​​are susceptible to error and incorrect insertion of an amount may cause incorrect damage to the operating system. For this reason, the use of such tools can increase the security and speed of the settings, allowing for the integrated management of different parts of Windows for users.


  • Ability to clean Windows from junk files that take up space in vain.
  • Registry cleanup and deactivation.
  • Optimize Internet speed based on bandwidth and type of Internet (DLL, ADSL, etc.).
  • Optimize system security and speed.
  • Possibility to repair common Windows problems.
  • Automatically tweaks Windows security options to prevent possible attacks.
  • Possibility to personalize various parts of Windows including Start Menu, Desktop, Menus, Taskbar, Notification Area ....
  • Increase the speed of copying files and the ability to stop and continue copying bulky files.
  • Driver Management.
  • Ability to completely remove programs.

Required system

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. 32/64bit version. And 50MB disk space.

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