The Complete React Native + Hooks Course [2020 Edition]

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These days, mobile apps (especially Android) have affected almost every aspect of our lives. To build these apps on iOS you need to learn Objective-C and Swift and you need to learn Java on Android . But there are also frameworks available that allow cross-platform or platform-independent applications to be built. Some of these frameworks, such as phonogap, zamarin, and ionic, deal with problems such as the complexity of the learning process or the inefficiency of output. But for some time now, a JavaScript framework called React Native has provided a platform that enables developers to build native Native Android and iOS apps, and this tutorial titled The Complete React Native + Hooks Course. Teaches you.

The React Native Library was launched by Facebook in late March 2015 and it is interesting to note that the bulk of the Facebook mobile app was made by this framework. Due to the growing popularity of this framework, we intend to provide you with one of the best Judeo tutorials. The title of this bestselling course is The Complete React Native and Redux Course, which teaches you step-by-step how to build Android and iOS apps with the help of this framework.

If you are already familiar with web programming , you are already familiar with the JavaScript language. The same knowledge is enough to get through this course of your JavaScript knowledge to build mobile applications . By doing so, you are marking with a double arrow. That is, without having to learn separate Swift and Java code once, your output will be ready for both platforms.

In this course you will be thoroughly familiar with the framework; break down complex processes into smaller issues; learn how to use JavaScript to build Native objects on Android and iOS; You’ll learn how to use Firebird to authenticate users, and you’ll learn about many other topics involved in this powerful framework. Throughout the course, educational concepts are provided with examples that make the concepts much better understood.

Content The Complete React Native + Hooks Course

  • Build real applications with the React Native platform
  • Understand Redux terms and concepts
  • Quick introduction to React design principles and existing methodologies
  • Making reusable components
  • How to post programs in PlayStation and AppleStore
  • Review the principles of user interface design
  • Course specifications The Complete React Native + Hooks Course
  • English language
  • Duration: 38:45:45
  • Number of lessons: 419
  • Instructor: Stephen Grider
  • File Format: Video: h264, 1280 * 720 | Audio: AAC 44 KHz 2ch
  • Playable on: Windows, Mobile, TV

Full list of educational topics and topics

Course content
419 lectures 38:45:45

Getting Started
9 lectures 23:44

Working with Content
7 lectures 32:07

List Building – With Style!
8 lectures 27:33

Navigating Users Between Screens
6 lectures 24:25

Building Reusable Components
9 lectures 27:53

State Management in React Components
29 lectures 02:54:48

How to Handle Screen Layout
13 lectures 46:16

Putting It All Together – Restaurant Search App
14 lectures 55:02

Using Outside API’s
4 lectures 31:23

Making Hooks Reusable
5 lectures 28:53

Navigation with Parameters
14 lectures 54:42

Advanced State Management with Context
35 lectures 03:03:00

Data API Sync
11 lectures 49:27

Building a Custom Express API
22 lectures 02:07:47

In-App Authentication
69 lectures 07:14:27

[LEGACY] Dive Right In!
3 lectures 4:19

[LEGACY] Got OSX? Go Here.
3 lectures 13:39

[LEGACY] Got Windows? Go Here.
3 lectures 26:39

[LEGACY] [Optional] ESLint Setup
4 lectures 27:13

[LEGACY] Onwards!
10 lectures 44:38

[LEGACY] Making Great Looking Apps
5 lectures 26:29

[LEGACY] HTTP Requests with React Native
14 lectures 01:28:45

[LEGACY] Handling Component Layout
12 lectures 01:06:16

[LEGACY] Authentication with Firebase
14 lectures 01:19:00

[LEGACY] Processing Authentication Credentials
9 lectures 59:28

[LEGACY] Digging Deeper with Redux
6 lectures 42:30

[LEGACY] Back to React
7 lectures 44:20

[LEGACY] Rendering Lists the Right Way
13 lectures 01:14:37

[LEGACY] Not Done Yet…
5 lectures 23:23

[LEGACY] Handling Data in React vs Redux
5 lectures 38:49

[LEGACY] Don’t Mutate that State
12 lectures 01:27:46

[LEGACY] Navigating Users Around
14 lectures 01:25:49

[LEGACY] Firebase as a Data Store
11 lectures 01:20:25

[LEGACY] Code Reuse – Edit vs Create
13 lectures 01:30:29

1 lecture 00:22


  • All you need is basic understanding of Javascript


The Complete React Native

The Complete React Native

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Learning online here.


We have make a awesome website to learning this course online free here, don’t need to download.

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1 – 5 867 MB Download
6 – 7 1.53 GB Download
8 – 11 1.33 GB Download
12 – 13 1.66 GB Download
14. Building a Custom Express API 788 MB Download
15. In App Authentication Part1 1.69 GB Download
15. In App Authentication Part2 1.86 GB Download
16 – 28 1.2 GB Download
29 – 35 862 MB Download



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