Siemens Star CCM+ 2021.1.1 16.02.009-R8 Win/Linux

STAR-CCM+ The CD-adapco and newer Siemens is the most complete fluid dynamics simulation software, which is much more than fluid dynamics, the product is a complete engineering process for solving fluid and solids
Siemens Star CCM+ 2021.1.1 16.02.009-R8 Win/Linux
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Siemens Digital Industries Software Inc
May 1, 2021
Multi Requirements
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STAR-CCM+ The CD-adapco and newer Siemens is the most complete fluid dynamics simulation software, which is much more than fluid dynamics, the product is a complete engineering process for solving fluid and solids issues, heat transmission and pressure. STAR-CCM+ is well-versed in solving complex physical and geometric problems and has a proven reputation in producing output quality with minimal code and effort.

This software is easily placed in your engineering process and helps you fully automate the simulation process and deliver the repeat design with minimal interaction. The result of all this is that engineers are able to spend more time analyzing engineering data and spend less on preparation and simulation tasks. A key success factor for Star Ccm is that it focuses on customer satisfaction and all efforts to help more companies and organizations succeed through engineering simulations. The program has been designed, developed, and implemented in an accurate, efficient, and user-friendly manner according to the needs of its users. Over the past year, more than 600 requests from customers have been affected by this application.


  • Simple and efficient user interface
  • The ability to accurately scrutinize designs
  • Comprehensive simulation of system functions in different ways
  • Ability to remesh only selected levels to reduce the production time of mesh surfaces
  • Use of Native Cylindrical in the DEM types
  • Extrusion co-operation in rheology calculations - Scaling factor + Star Ccm to multi-material complex extrusion processes
  • Hinged and precise connection of multi-body systems

Required system

OS: Windows / Linux

20 comments on "Siemens Star CCM+ 2021.1.1 16.02.009-R8 Win/Linux"

  1. Akif

    Did not work Siemens STAR-CCM+ 2019.2.0 (14.04.011-R8 double precision) Win64. See error massage:

    “Starting local server: starccm+ -server -rsh ssh
    Serial process 11236

    Simcenter STAR-CCM+ 2019.2 Build 14.04.011 (win64/intel18.3vc14-r8)

    License build date: 09 November 2018
    This version of the code requires license version 2019.06 or greater.
    Licensing problem: Unable to find a path to any license file or license server. Please create the CDLMD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable and point it to the license server.
    FLEXnet error: (-1,359)”

    best wishes

  2. Akif

    I apologize, it works!

  3. Abhijit

    Unable to install the product in Windows 10. I waited around 1 hr… It paused at certain time and didn’t finish installation.

  4. Dania Ahmed

    I got the following error :
    Warning: unable to initiate contact with the license server, trying again in 16 seconds.
    Checking license file: [email protected]
    Checking license file: [email protected]
    Unable to list features for license file [email protected]
    Error in checking out ccmppower: FLEXnet error: (-20002,147)
    Failed to get all licenses needed for this job. Asked for 1 license of ccmppower

  5. Raghu Varier

    I cannot find the download link. Can you please share it?

  6. Nora

    Hi, those who installed with successful, please make a video on how to install it. Thanks.

  7. f

    anyone have instructions to install for linux?

  8. Afzal M.

    The installation worked fine!

    But the tutorials arent complete.
    Is it possible to upload the tutorial files of the newest version?
    For example the PEM Fuel Cell tutorial is missing.

  9. Haider

    Hey guys,
    How to define environment variable CDLMD_LICENSE_FILE pointing to license.dat ?
    Please share with us that because I have got lost.



  10. sales9986

    Hey guys,

    Some instructions on how to do the installation would be helpful. I am not sure how to combine the different parts of the downloaded .zip file.

    • CK

      Use 7 zip
      I had to rename

      then use 7zip “extract here” and you should be good

  11. Hiren Tala

    I am not able to extract right. can you please reply me on *** ? how to do it?

  12. MRB

    DO you have the EHP add on available?

  13. Zafrul

    Hi…I just like to know whether the license for this version is the power session license..thanks

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