Serviio Pro 2.0 Windows / 1.8.0 macOS

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Serviio is a powerful software for running media server on internal networks. With this program you can render and prepare a variety of audio, video and image streams for presentation on various devices such as TV, Blu-ray player, gaming cannons or even smartphones. In fact, computer servers are computer-based media server software such as Serviio, and other devices on the network send their media request to the server. The media player renders the codec requesting device according to the type of device and provides it with the device. Keep in mind, however, that streaming media to multiple devices at the same time will definitely have the desired media station or media server, otherwise you will experience severe slowdowns and server downtime.

The list of audio, video and video formats that this software supports is as follows:

Audio: MP3( .mp3), MP2 (.mp2), Windows Media Audio (.wma), AAC (.m4a), OGG (.ogg, .oga), FLAC (.flac), Wawpack (.wv), Musepack (.mpc), Monkey’s Audio (.ape)

Video: MPEG-1 (.mpg, .mpeg), MPEG-2 PS (.mpg, .mpeg, vob, mod), MPEG-2 TS (.ts, .m2ts), MPEG-4 (.mp4, m4v, mov), AVI (.avi, .divx), Windows Media Video (.wmv, .asf), Matroska (.mkv), Flash (.flv, .f4v), DVR-MS (.dvr, .dvr-ms), WTV (.wtv), OGG (.ogv, .ogm), 3GP (.3gp), RealVideo (.rm, .rmvb)

Image: JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), GIF (.gif), PNG (.png), RAW (.arw, .cr2, .crw, .dng, .raf, .raw,. rw2, .mrw, .nef, .nrw, .pef, .srf, .orf)

Playlist: PLS (.pls), M3U (.m3u, .m3u8), ASX (.asx, .wax., .wrx), WPL (.wpl)

Subtitles: SubRip (.srt, .txt), SSA/ASS (.ssa, .ass), MicroDVD (.sub, .txt), SAMI (.smi), VTT (.vtt), MOV open text

Features of Serviio

  • Streaming audio, video (SD and HD), images, files in the same live or rendered format
  • Ability to stream online content from sources such as RSS feeds, audio and video streams from TV networks, web pages
  • Supports a variety of conventional broadcast formats
  • Supports subtitles in various formats
  • Automatically update media library when adding, deleting, or updating media files on the server or even when updating file metadata
  • Supports raw images or RAW digital cameras
  • Extensive options for browsing and navigating files in the media library
  • Supports several editable profiles for rendering
  • Extract metadata from media files of your choice
  • Thumbnail support for videos, CDs and DVDs, etc.
  • Ability to classify movies and serials into different groups
  • Automatic categorization based on recent observations (e.g. last episode of a serial you have seen)
  • Available for Windows, Linux, Macintosh (with server side installation on one platform and client version on other platforms)

Required system

  • 512 MB of memory or more
  • 150 MB of disk space (plus additional space for storing the media library), when using transcoding make sure there is at least 1GB free (depending on the original file size)
  • if on Linux, Java 8 must be installed. Windows and OSX come with Java runtime aready included in the installation.


Serviio Pro

Serviio Pro

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.


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File Name Size Link Backup link
Serviio Pro 2.0 Multilingual 157 MB Download Download
Serviio Pro 1.8.0 Multilingual MacOSX 124 MB Download Download


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