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Split, merge, expand, redistribute free space, convert to logical / primary, edit sectors, convert to MBR / GPT, change primary slots and serial number, test surface, partitioning virtual disks.

Back up an entire system, volumes and files, scheduled backup, incremental and differential imaging, backup encryption, and compression, backup data exclude pre-/post backup scripts, pVHD, VHD, VHDX, VMDK containers support.

Restore an entire system, individual volumes or files, and folders, restore to the original or new location, restore to dissimilar hardware, restore with resizing, mount/import backup containers


  • Migrate a virtual system from VMware vSphere to Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Backup Hyper-V VMs to your own local storage. Recovery from backups as entire VM or disks and volumes
  • Manage all types of physical media and virtual drives
  • Organize storage to properly align data integrity and availability to business needs
  • Use file systems that fit the best specific application needs
  • Create new and modify existing partitions to ensure optimum capacity and performance
  • Migrate Windows systems on the go – continue working while Windows is being relocated to another storage device
  • Replace old hard disks with fast solid-state drives without having to reinstall and reconfigure the operating system and applications
  • Boost business agility by moving virtual machines between incompatible hypervisors and to physical platforms (V2V and V2P migration)
  • Correct boot problems occurring from logical errors or hardware malfunctions
  • Do bare-metal recovery of entire systems without having to reinstall OS and applications
  • Reduce RTOs by restoring damaged or lost data granularly from a single backup image
  • Save time and effort by recovering physical and virtual Windows systems to dissimilar hardware
  • Correct most boot problems that may occur from logical errors, hardware malfunctions or failures
  • Windows PE or Linux recovery environments at your choice that you may prepare with Paragon Recovery Media Builder
  • Restore full operability of systems and applications if they become corrupted or compromised
  • Startup bare-metal machines to partition and check storages before installing the operating system
  • Correct boot problems inflicted by logical errors, hardware malfunctions, or failures

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