MindFusion WinForms Pack 2019.R1

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MindFusion WinForms Pack gives you a quick and easy way to add flowcharts, spreadsheets, calendars, reports, maps, charts and degrees. This package is a combination of several multipurpose programming tools that are added to your software features. All the tools in this package are customizable with brushes and brushes. The spreadsheet component offers a flexible styling system. On the map you can choose the color scheme. Images can be inserted with a calendar item and by adding a report in a graph node or as a background in a graph.

You can also choose from several visual effects available for your charts and calendars. Theme Editor Tool This component provides a convenient graphical interface for creating and editing themes for the component. Those who want to embellish their software form don’t miss this functional component because it can take months if you want to build such controls.

Features of MindFusion WinForms Pack

  • Flowchart: Has a list of various flowcharts in geometric shapes, including tabular, tree, separator and other graphs
  • Mapping: Contains a database of various maps including continental country and city with customizable colors and images
  • Reporting: Has multiple reporting tools including barcode radar charts etc. with storage capability
  • Virtual Keyboard: Add a functional virtual keyboard to the Windows Forms applications screen
  • Chart: Has a list of custom charts and shapes customizable
  • Measurement: Key size controls in different types including clock, equalizer and more

Required system

  • .NET Framework


MindFusion WinForms Pack

MindFusion WinForms Pack

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.


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File Name Size Link
MindFusion.WinForms Pack 2017.R2 144 MB Download
MindFusion_WinForms_Pack 2019.R1 144 MB Download


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