Lingoes 2.9.2 x86/x64 + Dictionaries + Natural Voice Packages

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For a long time Babylon software was the first and last choice to install a dictionary-hosted software with a complete set of vocabularies. In the new versions, crack issues as well as software heaviness made the users think about replacing it. One of the free and relatively powerful alternatives to Lingoes Lingo software, which, of course, does not have full dictionaries like Babylon Bank, but it is suitable for semi-expert use


  • Simple and fast interface
  • Has a fairly complete Farsi dictionary
  • Full English Dictionaries Dictionary
  • Ability to use OCR and use the dictionary with a shortcut key
  • Integration with Google Online Translator to translate texts
  • Ability to pronounce words
  • Full support for Persian language

Required system

  • Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1

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