Learn JIRA with real-world examples (+ Confluence bonus)

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Learn JIRA with real-world examples is one of the best-selling Judea training courses on JIRA software. Jira was originally a software for troubleshooting or so-called issue-tracker in programming teams . But over time, the program’s capabilities have grown to the point where it is now widely used as a project management software, software development agility, and many other applications. The use of Jira in large-scale software teams is especially useful in open source merchant projects. Today, many software companies use an agile approach to project development and management. This program supports all agile methods, whether it is Scrum, Conban, or even your own methods.

In this training course, you will be taught almost all the capabilities and abilities of this software along with tangible and real examples. Jira’s fine-tuning method is taught to increase work speed and higher productivity. Due to the greater popularity of Ajram Scrum and Kanban methods, most of the training is dedicated to these two methodologies. You will be introduced to all the significant issues of these two methods. One of the advantages of this course over other video tutorials is the use of real-world examples to better understand Ajail concepts.It’s in Jira. You will learn how to manage day-to-day tasks using the Scrum method; how to set access permissions among the team’s internal members; how to create a story, epic, spike, sprint, blog, and workflow. You will learn how to modify your current software development workflow, and eventually learn how to manage large teams that include several subcategories.

Learn JIRA training content with real-world examples

  • Understanding the nature and function of Jira and the benefits of using it in software teams
  • Complete training of Scrum and Kanban methodology in Jira
  • The management team of large teams includes several subsets of work
  • Learning to set up Jira for agile teams (setting up boards, backing up, sprints and copying systems, etc.)
  • Teaching with real-world and tangible examples

Course specifications

  • English language
  • Duration: 11:16:33
  • Number of lessons: 82
  • Instructor: Kosh Sarkar
  • File format: Video: h264, 768 * 720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch
  • Ability to play on: Windows, Mobile, TV

Complete list of topics and educational topics

Course content
82 lectures 11:16:33

Course Introduction
5 lectures 19:32

Agile Concepts Refresher & Jira Terms
4 lectures 21:32

Working within an Agile Team – For general team members
13 lectures 01:26:12

Leading an Agile Team – For managers, product owners, scrum masters etc
13 lectures 01:40:58

Jira Administration
22 lectures 03:29:57

Examples & Bonus Content
9 lectures 01:25:09

16 lectures 02:33:13

Required conditions

  • There is no pre-requisite knowledge required to take this course.
  • If you’re looking to practice or follow along with the videos, you’ll need access to either a Jira Cloud instance or Jira Server installation via a web browser


Learn JIRA with real-world examples

Learn JIRA with real-world examples

Installation guide

After Extract, view with the Player you want.

English subtitle

Quality: 720p


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