JavaScript Bible – JavaScript Bootcamp 2020

Understand and learn JavaScript and ES6 in a one challenge-based JavaScript Bootcamp course!. We have make a awesome website to learning this course online free here
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Bogdan Stashchuk
September 25, 2020
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JavaScript Bible is the name of the comprehensive web programming language of JavaScript. This course is designed to provide you with everything you need from a JavaScript programming language. This course is also suitable for both Frontend developer and Backend developer types and can be useful for any range of programmers. In this course, the concepts and basics of JavaScript will be discussed from the beginning. In this course you will see students in about 40 hours of training ahead of you.

In this video tutorial you will learn concepts like ES6, Babel, React, NPM, Webpack, Node.js, MongoDB. This tutorial will also make you a modern programmer with the latest JavaScript features. On the other hand, you will be given some very useful exercises to get to know the concepts of this course. By doing these exercises you will be able to build powerful, modern applications in the web environment.

What you'll learn

  • Become a Senior JavaScript developer by learning and practicing all modern features of the JavaScript. Become able easily apply to Web Developer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer or Full Stack Web Developer jobs.
  • Learn JavaScript, ES6, NPM, Webpack, Babel, Node, React by solving tens of CHALLENGES with real-world scenarios. Each CHALLENGE has task and solution. And all of them are available in the GIT repositories that you will download at the beginning of the course.
  • Learn all FUNDAMENTAL features of the JavaScript starting from basic concepts such as Variables, Objects, Functions, Scopes, Operators and finishing with ADVANCED topics as Closures, Hoisting, IIFEs (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions), Classes and many more.
  • Learn and understand ES6 features such as Arrow functions, Destructuring, Default function parameters, Template Literals, Array helper methods, Classes
  • Understand proper methods to work with Arrays - map, forEach, reduce, filter, includes
  • Deeply understand purpose of the NPM - Node Package Manager
  • Learn and practice Babel - JavaScript Compiler
  • Learn basics of the most popular NoSQL database with JavaScript Engine - MongoDB


  • Just your computer
  • Readiness to solve different Challenges yourself
  • Passion for coding and learning

Who this course is for

  • JavaScript developers of all levels: Beginners, Full Stack Developers, Frontend Developers, Web Developers, Backend Developers
  • JavaScript developers who feel that they don't fully understand all concepts of the language
  • Beginners in JavaScript
  • Developers with knowledge of other programming languages such as Python, Java, C++ etc
  • Advanced JavaScript developers who want to test their knowledge

This course includes

  • 42.5 hours on-demand video
  • 11 articles
  • 3 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

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