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InstallAware is one of the software developed to build the various application installers; there are several applications that are popular amongst the free Inno Setup and among the InstallShield businesses. InstallShield is one of the oldest and top of the field, but not cracked for new releases, so InstallAware is more powerful than InstallShield, according to its creators, providing developers with comprehensive features to build Setup applications as developers. A powerful and worthy replacement for InstallShield is provided.


  • Making simple, yet professional installments without the need for high knowledge
  • Unique Installation and Setup feature to combine native software with Windows installer
  • Ability to integrate 32-bit and 64-bit versions into one installer
  • Creating low volume installer files
  • Ability to automatically detect and remove previously installed versions before installing a new one
  • Have various update methods for the installed software
  • Custom ability to create windows with Aero glass mode
  • Ability to directly import MSI and MSM files into the project as well as the ability to directly import MSI and EXE files into Active Directory without the need for server management software and access settings
  • Compatibility with multicore processors and increased installation speed due to the use of all cores
  • Ability to install and configure multiple products seamlessly in one installer
  • Full support for new versions of all types of components and windows

Here is a summary of the changes made to InstallAware .

Required system

  • This software fully supports and is compatible with the latest versions of components and windows.

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