Hot Door CADtools 12.1.2 for Adobe Illustrator Win/ 12.1.1 macOS

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Hot Door CADtools is the name of a very useful graphic tool and working with familiar Adobe Illustrator name software. The toolkit provides you with a wealth of key features and features in space and space. With the tools in this toolkit you will be able to optimally do the graphical work by choosing the point path. In fact, the tools provided in this package allow you to fully manage the scale of your images in your projects.

The Hot Door CADtools tool consists of 10 tool groups. Each of these groups will provide you with unique features and capabilities. Some of these capabilities include design, editing, labeling, dimensioning, conversion, creation, and more, all of which are important and valuable in performing sophisticated and complex projects. You will also have access to a guide called CADguides as you fully use it as you use this product.

Also features and benefits of this set of Adobe Illustrato software tools can be increased accuracy of your operation along with your higher speed. It also uses a scale calculator utility for accurate scaling. Finally, with this tool you will be able to apply the desired changes to your artwork by following the dotted paths of your images.

Features of Hot Door CADtools

  • Provides efficient and effective Adobe Illustrator tools in clear categories with 10 groups
  • Take advantage of the ability to traverse dotted paths on your works
  • Full support for two-dimensional design and dimensions in your documents
  • Benefit from Span dimension tools and boxed text
  • It enables you to accurately scale your documents with the scale calculator tool
  • Take advantage of the preset dimensions with the CADshortcuts tool

Required system

For Use This Tool You Need Adobe® Illustrator® CS6-CC 2019!


Hot Door CADtools

Hot Door CADtools

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.


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File Name Size Link
Hot Door CADtools 12.1.2 for Adobe Illustrator 186.98 MB Download
Hot Door CADtools v12.1.1 and Control Plug ins v1.7 ONLY for Ai24 CR2 195.87 MB Download



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