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Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor is a new generation HTML editor. This program has a beautiful JavaScript web editor that can be easily used by developers. This editor has been developed by developers for developers and can be used in just a few minutes with its powerful API and documentation. Of course, you do not need to start from scratch to develop, and with more than 30 built-in plugins, you can easily use them in your editing.


  • Simplicity: Many of the features of this editor have been prepared with the aim of not confusing the user with hundreds of buttons. This editor has a smart toolbar that has more than 100 features in a simple user interface.
  • Intelligence: The smart toolbar of this editor offers all possible tasks in 4 different groups. This toolbar is highly intuitive, so that every feature can be easily found and the most used tools are available to you there.
  • Various capabilities: This text editor has a wide range of simple and complex capabilities for use in different situations.
  • User interface design based on user experience
  • Supports simple to advanced capabilities
  • Superb performance (fast, light, regular and safe structure)
  • Suitable for developers (powerful APIs, client frameworks and server integration)
  • SEO compatible
  • Interactive and compatible with mobile devices
  • International application (multilingual support, word spell checking and RTL support)

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