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Forsk Atoll is a powerful software for designing and optimizing radio networks. In the current era of radio networks, especially the fourth-generation LTE has become one of the hot topics in the field of communication networks. When it comes to designing and implementing such networks, Atoll will definitely be one of our top choices. This program is with you from the early stages of design to the finalization and implementation of these networks. It offers different solutions to the different challenges and issues you face along the way. This program has its advantage over competitors such as IRAM, which is less database dependent. Ikram is heavily dependent on the database and without it is virtually useless, but it only accesses database data when necessary and does not require the use of databases for other important functions.

Atoll uses the ATL format for storing data, which is very easy to edit and correct, and if you need to use a database, you have tools like Access and Oracle. Based on existing digital maps, the program can predict the important factors and parameters of the network and show you its minimum and maximum values. This program enables you to design and analyze a variety of radio networks, including 3GPP networks such as GSM / UMTS / LTE / NB-IoT or its newer generation 3GPP2, which includes CDMA / LTE / NB-IoT.

The unique integration and integration of Forsk Atoll with existing platforms enables operators to streamline and optimize design and optimization processes using flexible SOA-based scripts. Much of this is done automatically without interference, and in cases where it requires data entry, the application requests the least amount of input. We recommend this program to telecommunication engineers and people who need a comprehensive and integrated tool in the design of radio networks.

Required system

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Seven / 8.x / 10




Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.


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  1. Odo

    i have done everything as instructed but Atoll could not lunch after.

  2. Odo

    it is ok now. thanks for sharing

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