FARO As-Built for AutoCAD/Revit 2019.1 x64

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FARO As-Built is the name of a specialized software package for data evaluation in AutoCAD and Visibility. In fact, with this tool you will be able to directly evaluate 3D laser scanner data directly with the highest accuracy possible. With this product you can do cloud point modeling and analysis, photogrammetric processing, total station control, and evaluation of data from a variety of mobile mapping systems and handheld laser scanners. You can also do all of the above in 2D and 3D environments.

The FARO As-Built for AutoCAD tool is fully compatible with AutoCAD software and can best meet user needs. On the other hand, with this software package you can simplify the management of your projects and bring you ideal working conditions. The remarkable applications of this software package enable the users to perform the best modeling and analysis depending on their needs. There are countless options of efficient tools included in this product.

Other uses of this package include the ability to compare models designed with existing conditions (cloud point) for collision detection. With this product you will find it easier to plan and model using scanned data than ever before.

Features of FARO As-Built Tool

  • Easy management of massive 3D scanning projects in AutoCAD environment
  • Quick and easy extraction of 2D and 3D designed models
  • Analytics tools to check tolerance, collision detection and volume calculation
  • Combine and use data with advanced analytics
  • Use images and photogrammetric features in AutoCAD software

Required system


  • As-Built for AutoCAD® is compatible with AutoCAD® and its associated products (e.g. Civil 3D, Architecture, Map 3D) for versions 2017 to 2020
  • Should you be using older Autodesk products, please contact your FARO representative.

Operating system

  • Dependent on the version of AutoCAD® being used, 64-bit systems only

Hardware requirements

  • Graphics card as recommended by Autodesk, RAM at least 8GB, better 32GB or more, processor at least 2.5GHz, better 3-4GHz and 4-8 cores, SSD for larger projects;
  • Laser scanner type to suit job in hand

Data requirements

  • Registered, that is to say the scans are oriented to each other

Supported scan data formats

  • E57, ASCII, LAS, FARO (LSPROJ, FLS, FWS), Leica (PTZ, PTS, PTX), Zoller&Fröhlich (ZFS, ZFPRJ), Topcon (CL3, CLR) Leica (PTG) and Riegl RiScanPro-Projects (RSP)

Required reference information (photo rectification)

  • For a photo rectification at least four control points are required or 2 reference observations

Required reference information (map rectification)

  • At least 3/6/10 control points are needed for a first/second/third degree polynomial transformation

Required reference information (image orientation)

  • At least 9 control points or 4 control points and the camera parameters are needed

Supported image formats

  • As-Built for AutoCAD® supports all image formats supported by AutoCAD®, e.g. TIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG. For merging bitonal images use the TIF format
FARO As-Built for Revit® Minimum Requirements

Operating system

  • Microsoft® operating system, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 in the 64-bit version

Hardware requirements

  • Autodesk recommends a multi-core Intel® Xeon®, or an i-Series processor, or the AMD® equivalent with 16 GB RAM and DirectX® 11 compatible graphics card and SSD (Solid State Drive) hard disk with at least 5 GB of free memory
  • Supported Revit® Versions
  • Revit® 2017 or 2020


FARO As-Built

FARO As-Built

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.


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FARO As-Built for Autodesk AutoCAD 2019.1 531 MB Download
FARO As-Built for Autodesk Revit 2019.1 403 MB Download


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