Devart UniDAC 8.0.1 Professional D7-D10.3

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Devart is a developer of database management components and tools. The Devart UniDAC component suite stands for Universal Data Access Components including tools for direct access to Delphi-based database types, C ++ Builder and Lazarus. With this suite of programmers, the mediator can communicate and manage their databases.

As its name implies, it is a generic set of access to various databases and the main components of the ODAC (stands for Oracle Data Access Components), SDAC (stands for SQL Server Data Access Components), MyDAC (stands for MySQL Data Access Components). Includes IBDAC (stands for InterBase and Firebird Data Access Components), PgDAC (stands for PostgreSQL Data Access Components) and LiteDAC (stands for SQLite Data Access Components).

List of components included in the Devart UniDAC suite

Basic Components

  • TUniConnection
  • TUniTransaction
  • TUniQuery
  • TUniTable
  • TUniStoredProc
  • TUniSQL
  • TUniScript
  • TUniMetaData
  • TUniUpdateSQL
  • TUniDataSource
  • TUniSQLMonitor
  • TUniConnectDialog
  • TUniLoader
  • TUniDump
  • TUniAlerter
  • TUniEncryptor
  • TVirtualTable

Professional Components

  • TInterBaseUniProvider
  • TMySQLUniProvider
  • TOracleUniProvider
  • TPostgreSQLUniProvider
  • TSQLServerUniProvider
  • TSQLiteUniProvider
  • TODBCUniProvider
  • TDB2UniProvider
  • TAccessUniProvider
  • TAdvantageUniProvider
  • TASEUniProvider
  • TCRBatchMove

Here is a summary of the changes made to Devart UniDAC.

‌The compiled versions are complete and are the Professional Edition of this collection; see the comparison of the two editing possibilities here.

Required system

See the list of supported Delphi databases and compatible versions here.


Devart UniDAC

Devart UniDAC

Installation guide

This component is usually released in two versions of the Retail or Source Code installer, both of which are complete and do not require activation.


[su_table style=”default”]

File Name Size Link
UniDAC Professional 8.0.1 D7 2007 10.1 10.2 10.3 Retail 321 MB Download
Devart UniDAC 7.4.12 Professional D7 D10.3 Rio Full Source Code 22.9 MB Download
Devart UniDAC Pro 7.2.7 for D6 D10.2 Tokyo 531 MB Download



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