Devart LINQ Insight for Visual Studio 2017

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LINQ Insight is a Visual Studio extension that provides a complete suite of tools for fast and easy LINQ / ORM deployment and helps you efficiently generate data access code. This add-on allows you to execute LINQ queries directly from Visual Studio when designing, without starting debugging. LINQ Insight also provides a powerful ORM tool for profile profiling of data from your project. LINQ Insight enables you to test the LINQ query at runtime.

LINQ Insight is published in two versions. Express version and standard version. Express version of sql view generated and event profile provides data access for ORM.

Features of LINQ Insight Plugin

  • Test LINQ queries immediately after writing them
  • Complexity estimation of generated SQL analysis
  • Check to return correct query information
  • Profile your project and keep track of all ORM and database queries from ORM. This enables you to view the performance of the data access code.
  • Performance measurement of data access code and easy analysis
  • Editing Data, Returning to LINQ to SQL and LINQ to Entities. All data updating operations are done through ORM. You can edit several objects and then modify or discard them.
  • Filtering data by entering the filter string into the Filter box in the LINQ toolbar window
  • Display sql parameters, return data
  • A powerful tool for filtering profiler information by calling method


LINQ Insight

LINQ Insight

Installation guide

This is a Retail version and does not require any crack or registry. Use its patches to register the 3.5 Beta version.


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File Name Size Link
DEVART LINQ Insight 3.2.610 Standard Retail 8.65 MB Download
Devart LINQ Insight for Visual Studio 2017 9.01 MB Download



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