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CODIJY Colorizer Pro is a software application for coloring old, black and white images. Working with this software is very simple and with a few clicks, you can color your old photos. CODIJY Colorizer Pro includes a set of highly creative and professional features and tools that you have never seen before in any software. The quality of the output images is excellent and the color and state of the colored images look completely natural and normal, and there are no traces of concentrated and artificial effects and colors. The images painted by this software retain their originality and natural state and are very similar to the original version. The most important and advanced tools in the software are called Magic Strokes, which make the user’s job very simple.

Magic strokes use a very simple yet smart technique. The user must use a software pen to draw a number of consecutive lines in different parts of the image, such as the face, background, and so on. The software then uses the border detection feature to automatically adjust all the drawn lines and place them exactly on the edge of that section. This mechanism is very accurate and different colors and lines are never mixed together. The intelligent and completely proprietary algorithm of CODIJY Colorizer Pro software is very practical and offers excellent performance in almost all surfaces and textures. The user interface and control system of this software does not use the common layering mechanism in other image editing software and uses its own system


  • Use the simple and creative Magic strokes mechanism to separate different parts of images and accurately color them
  • Very simple user interface and great user experience
  • Provides more than 14,000 selected and applied colors in the process of coloring images
  • Use natural and versatile colors and tones
  • Use advanced and proprietary algorithms to create real and natural images
  • Advanced border detection and border detection system
  • Operation of more than 100 libraries and different color cries
  • Ability to manually adjust the brightness and color saturation
  • Live preview of working images
  • Possibility to use a decolor pen or Decolor pen to remove color in certain parts of the images

System requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Intel or AMD
  • 4 Gb RAM
  • 2 Gb HDD

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