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CleanMyPC is a new Windows repair and development tool developed by MacPaw. CleanMyPC software includes a set of cleaning tools for Windows. The software is able to delete multi-gigabyte files from a computer and back them up with 5 maintenance tools: Safe Wipe, Complete Delete, Registry Maintenance, AutoRun, and Extensions.


  • Scan: Analyze hard disk to find files that may be safely deleted. They are divided into four categories: cache and log, help file, additional languages, trash
  • Most programs are published with the Help file, which contains information about the program's capabilities. You can delete help files that you are currently using freely.
  • Some programs are made with multilingual translations (such as Spanish, Russian, or German). Because you only want the software to run in one language, you can delete other programming languages.
  • Trash: In this section, CleanMyPC scans various files that you do not normally have access to. Such as Restore points (backup files created by Windows), Recycle Bin (folders located on the entire disk), Crash reports (files created by programs and Windows when something crashes).
  • Secure deletion: When you delete a file, it can be restored by recovery software. Secure Erase feature allows you to delete files without the possibility of restoring them.

Required system

Operating System

  • Windows 7, 8 & 10, 21.2 MB space

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