CentOS 8.0 Build 1905 / 7.7 / 6.10

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CentOS is the name of the Red Hat Enterprise linux operating system. Sentavas is one of the most popular web server operating systems. As you know, Linux fans are increasing in recent years. The Linux-based centOS operating system is also used today to a large extent. As stated above, the major use of this operating system is on web servers.

The CentOS operating system is referred to as an operating system with capabilities such as sustainability, predictability, controllability and recyclability. The feature that almost all Linux operating systems follow is the manufacturers’ attempt to expand their product and the CentOS operating system also benefits from this feature.

The CentOS operating system is developed by a small team. Having a superior ideology of the CentOS operating system is also distinct from other existing operating systems. With the help of active developers, including system administrators, network administrators, major Linux collaborators and Linux enthusiasts, the makers of this operating system are pushing ahead with their goals and improving their operating system.

Features in CentOS

  • Enhance security and provide cloud-capable capabilities for multiple systems
  • Improves performance and performance for easier access for CentOS users
  • Improved platform management capabilities
  • Improved Identity Management and Access Control
  • Improving virtualization technology

Required system

Recommended Hardware

Red Hat recommends minimum 200 MB of disk space for a typical installation. Large test lab environments can require 2 GB to support full deployment, including product binaries, databases, and log files. Very large directories may require 4 GB and above

Red Hat suggests 256 MB of RAM for average environments and 1 GB of RAM for large test labs for increased performance.




Installation guide

Links are from the main site. Request a download link if needed.


[su_table style=”default”]

File Name Size Link
CentOS_8.0 Build 1905 6.37 GB Part1


CentOS_8.0 (1905) DVD ISO x86, x64

CentOS_7 (1804) DVD ISO x86, x64

CentOS_6.10 x86, x64

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