Bunifu UI Form / Dataviz

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Bunifu is framework makes it much easier to design professional, beautiful, and modern interfaces. There are over 25 beautiful and eye-catching components in this collection, featuring cool controls, transitions and animations. All controls and transitions are customizable.

Among the components of this set are the calendar control, checkboxes, radio buttons, folding buttons with different styles, switch controls, and switches on and off, load prompts, datagrid, color picker window …. If you already have a history of working with other company controls, working with this collection will not be too time consuming for you.

Bunifu UI Controls List

  • How To Use DropDown Menu Control
  • How To Use Bunifu Drag Control
  • Bunifu Ellipse Component – Adds rounded Corners to forms and controls
  • BunifuCalendar
  • BunifuCards
  • BunifuCheckBox
  • BunifuCircleProgressBar
  • BunifuColorChooser
  • BunifuFlatButton
  • BunifugradientPanel
  • BunifuImageButton
  • BunifuIOSSwitch
  • BunifuProgressBar
  • How to use BunifuRange control
  • How to use BunifuRating Control
  • Datagrid
  • How to use line buttons/BunifuMetroTextBox Control/BunifuMaterialTextBox Control/BunifuThinButton Control
  • Animator is not found in tool bar?
  • Gauge control code example

Required system

Minimum system requirements

  • Windows Platform
  • .NET 4.0 and higher
  • Visual Studio 2012 and later (Recommended)
  • Basic knowledge of C# and VB.Net


Bunifu UI

Bunifu UI

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.


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File Name Size Link Backup Link
Bunifu UI WinForms 3.42 MB Download Download
Bunifu UI WinForms 3.22 MB Download Download
Bunifu Ui WinForms v1.10.0.0 2.81 MB Download Download
Bunifu_UI Form 3.02 MB Download Download
Bunifu_UI WinForms 2.97 MB Download Download
Bunifu_UI WinForms 2.9 MB Download Download
Bunifu_UI WinForms 2.73 MB Download Download
Bunifu_UI Winforms 1.5.4 70.7 KB Download Download
Bunifu Crack 1.4 271 KB Download Download
Bunifu Dataviz Advanced 2.09 MB Download Download
Bunifu Dataviz Advanced 1.81 MB Download Download
Bunifu DataViz Advanced v1.1.1.2 2.32 MB Download Download
Bunifu .NET UI Framework 1.5.3 2 MB Download Download
Bunifu_UI Activator v1.3 By DFoX 532 KB Download Download


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