ANSYS Products 2021 R1 Windows/Linux

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ANSYS Inc. is one of the top developers of CAE software, the term Computer-Aided Engineering, which means computer-aided engineering. This collection includes various tools for simulating and analyzing various branches of engineering sciences such as electromagnetism, electrostatics, electronics, solids and fluids mechanics, heat transfer, and dynamics. This suite is divided into two general sections of Simulation Technology, which include powerful simulation and analysis tools, and the Workflow Technology section, which is used to communicate between different departments and parallel analysis of various issues.


  • Detailed analysis and various engineering issues
  • Using Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Perform linear and nonlinear analysis and static and dynamic analysis
  • Ability to analyze various structures of structures such as bridges, dams, reservoirs and also steel or concrete structures
  • Possibility of simultaneous analysis such as solid and fluid analysis
  • Coding and programming capabilities with the language available in the software
  • Project logging and save as photos and videos
  • Coordination with various analytical and engineering software such as CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, NX (Unigraphics), Solid Edge

Version 19 includes the following programs

  • ANSYS Mechanical Pro, Premium, Enterprise
  • ANSYS CFD Premium and Enterprise
  • ANSYS Mechanical CFD Maxwell 3D
  • ANSYS Mechanical Maxwell 3D
  • ANSYS Mechanical CFD
  • ANSYS SIwave
  • ANSYS Maxwell
  • ANSYS Q3D Extractor
  • ANSYS Icepak

Required system

System requirements

  • Windows 7 (64-bit Professional and Enterprise versions)
  • Windows 8.1 (64-bit Professional and Enterprise versions)
  • Windows 10 (64-bit Professional and Enterprise versions)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition (64-bit), Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition
  • 22 GB on the hard drive, multiprocessing, memory> 2 GB, more (
  • Red Hat Enterprise 6(6.8 & 6.9)
  • Red Hat Enterprise 7 (7.2 & 7.3)
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (SP3 & SP4)
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server & Desktop 12 (SP1 & SP2)

Installation guide

Common Version 16 to 19

Two methods are proposed that the first method requires installation of the license, and the second method is without installation, the second method is explained;

First, install Disk 1 with software like DAEMON Tools or UltraISO or PowerISO and through the virtual drive, and start and install the installation software by installing the setup.exe file and then selecting Install ANSYS Products. Do not install the ANSYS License Manager, and during the installation, go through the license process by selecting ... Skip.

Finally, copy and copy the contents of the Local license folder in the Crack folder to the default path below:

C:Program FilesANSYS Inc.

! If you do not install the program on the default path, you must run the ansyslmd.ini file in the CrackShared FilesLicensing path with Notepad and change the default path to the installed path.

The Linux version also includes two methods, the steps of which are in the Readme file.

Version 15.0.7

Two methods are presented that are the first method of using the License Generator and the second method is the use of Licens and Kirk;

To perform the first method, first right-click ANSYS 15.0 and run Run as administrator. Then type Y and type Enter. The license for your computer is made in the form of a file called license.txt. Using the UltraISO or PowerISO or DAEMON Tools software, install Disk 1 and run the setup.exe file. In the initial installation window, click Install ANSYS License Manager and install the Licensing Management tool. After installation is complete, click Next and wait for the License Wizard window to appear; select the first and default option and click Continue. Then, file the license.txt file in the previous step and click Continue a few times.

In the second method, start installing the program and do not install licensing leads. After installing the two corrupted files in the following place and replace:

C:Program FilesANSYS IncShared FilesLicensing

If you install software at a local location other than the default drive, you must edit the address in the ansyslmd.ini file.

44 comments on "ANSYS Products 2021 R1 Windows/Linux"

  1. Luis


    The Ansys links does not appear.


  2. scott

    I’ve tried to install in ubuntu. it doesn’t work. how can i get ubuntu compatible version?

  3. Mano

    The compressed files which are downloaded, are asking for a password to extract them. Can someone let me know what the password is?

  4. angel

    Does anybody knows if this version or previous ones contains the HPC pack and how many of them?

  5. sameer

    it contains hfss or not i am confused

  6. Vinr

    Please also upload CivilFEM 2020 and CivilFEM for Ansys 2020.

  7. turtle

    ANSYS LICENSE MANAGER ERROR:Failover feature ‘CFD Solver – Level 2’ specified in license preferences is not available

    it gives this licensing error for windows, anyone help =?

  8. Vicente

    question: you know if the pack “granta edupack” is included in the 2020 ansys version?

  9. Parag

    Thank you very much sir, finally I got it

  10. Sbin

    ! If you do not install the program on the default path, you must run the ansyslmd.ini file in the CrackShared FilesLicensing path with Notepad and change the default path to the installed path.
    I installed 2020R1 but could not found the file, and I installed Ansys in D:.
    It does not work with error massage “failed to connecting license”.
    What can I do?

  11. Sbin

    I mean I could not find the ansyslmd.ini file anywhere.

  12. Lancaster

    The cracked license only work for mechanical. Ran an FEA and it worked just fine. However, I can’t get CFX and Fluent to work, even the Design Modeler is not working. Need to wait for a better crack than this one.


    Admin please upload Ansys Granta Edu Pack as well. I have search whole internet for it but haven’t found cracked one. I will be very grateful to you.

    • Nab

      hello, did you manage to find ansys granta edu pack? if yes could you please tell me what you did? thank you, I desperatly need it.

  14. Sam

    I downloaded Parts 1 to 8 of ANSYS 2020 for windows and the extraction is asking for part 9 to continue. What should i do?

  15. add

    the download link for part 2 does not exist
    ansys 2019 win

  16. AMIT pandey

    I have downloaded “Ansys Products 2020 R2 Win64” parts 1 to 8 and when I tried to extract the rar files I get checksum errors.
    Please help me with it.

  17. dorq


    May I know whats updated? This appeared on homepage and latest version is still 2020 R2.


  18. Rahul

    Sir, i have download win64 part1-3, but face some trouble to download further as my system say “this file is not safe” &
    and also can’t download even using extension.
    perhaps, even after ignoring waring file automatically stop saying can’t download.

    please, help me!!

  19. ysf

    I cant download 19.2 for windows.

  20. Jms

    I found ansys 16 1 hour ago but I cant find it anymore why or where I can find it?

  21. Zags

    Download is very slow and crashes at times though the net is on. Could there be a process for downloading using Bit Comet or other torrent

  22. Ricky

    Which ansys version can run in ubuntu 20.04?

  23. Anakha

    The torrent link for the 2021 release of Ansys (Windows version) doesn’t work.

    Is it possible to update it or to publish liks for direct download (like for previous releases) ?


  24. DonglerA

    Fantastic. Works perfectly (2021R1) thank you ShareAppsCrack !!!

  25. Burak

    Is all the tools included in it, I installed it but I think I can only see the some fluid modules.

  26. Ludic

    While downloading and unraring the ansys2021 r1 linux version file, it says that the part 1 file is corrupted.

  27. Diego

    Thank you, it works.

  28. Tran Dang Khoa

    Hi, do we need to install the product from part1 to part8 since they seem to be the same?
    Also, the “Readme.txt” says that “Install Ansys 2020 R2 to /usr/ansys_inc/”, but how can “usr/ansys_inc” directory be created?
    Thank you

  29. Mahesh

    Hello, what should be name of the host for installation…?

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